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At S18 Photography, we know you didn’t stop by to simply look at pretty pictures.  What you’re really looking for is a way to grow your business, attract more clients, foster higher client engagement, and get your listings sold faster & for more money.  At S18 Photography, we can help you make this happen.  We’re expert visual communicators, who know how to create these connections for you through some of the best communication mediums ever created… photo and video.

Our ultra-premium real estate photography and videography helps agents set themselves apart from the pack and get their listings sold.  We’ve been doing this for quite a while, and we’ve got things down to a science.  When you work with us, your clients will rave about us, and they’ll know that you’re giving the process of marketing their home as much attention as it deserves.

Want to book more clients?  Show your clients how you invest in marketing their home with the best photography and video available.  Our agents consistently beat out other agents for listings just by showing all of the benefits they’ll get through using us!  We have seen this for years!  And the small investment in our services will net you much more money in the end.

Let’s start building your brand.  Get in touch with us & find out why agents who work with S18 Photography dominate the market!

Choose Your Style!

Our Standard photos are shot with our Exposure Fusion process, for outstanding detail, color, and realism. Our Premium offering is shot with strobes in the style of high-end magazine quality imagery for maximum appeal and color accuracy. Both provide the impact you need to get your listings noticed!

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Starting at $100, our most popular offering provides stunning property photography that gets your listings notice.



Starting at $250, our most premium offering is shot in the style of magazine quality architectural imagery!

The Power of Professional Real Estate Photography

“…homes that are professionally photographed sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur.”

– Market Leader, citing a report by Redfin

  • HD Real Estate Video

    Wow your clients with our high definition, cinematic-style real estate video! Sure to impress, our video production will help you sell homes faster and for a higher price!

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Maximize Your Home's Visibility!

“Listings marketed with professional photography receive 61% more online views!”

– Obeo

“But I Own a Really Good Camera … “

“The biggest difference between hiring a professional photographer and taking the pictures yourself is the fact that the professional knows how to make something ordinary look spectacular.”

– Real Estate Insider Magazine

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