S18 Photography – HD Real Estate Video

Demand for online video has exploded, and we can help you harness the unique opportunity to connect with potential buyers, sell your listings faster, and get more clients!

In addition to our ultra-premium photography we’re happy to offer agents our stunning High Definition Real Estate Video.  Our cinematic-style video provides an exceptional view of the property, and helps you your listings gainincreased exposure.  Show your clients you are a master of marketing technology, and solidify your brand as the premium offering.

Anyone can throw together a low-quality iPhone video walk-through, but we’re focused on providing you with a serious WOW factor with our professional grade videos shot using the same cameras used in large productions such as Iron Man 2, Marvel’s The Avengers, television’s House, and even Saturday Night Live!

Our videos…

  • are hosted on YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing community
  • can be embedded on your websites and online marketing materials
  • are easily shared via social media far and wide

“HD video is not the future of Real Estate marketing, it is the present and if you don’t learn it well and offer it, you will eventually be weeded out of the market”

– Matt Van Emmerik

Drop us a line when you’re ready to kick things up a notch with our High Definition Real Estate Video!

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